This is techno style font and very interesting symmetry it have, really technical and modern in style every man can see its unique desi9gn and will enjoy this brilliant thing a lot in their personal or professional work. The letters are thick and have black shiny color further at few places they are much thin and their edges are in different shape like some slide. They are also giving an extra look and characters are in italic shape they are going to lay down. Smaller letters are only present here, there is no sign of capital alphabets thus it is also not a proper set. The horizontal stroke of “T” is very short and it is only in right side, it is too small that we can’t observe it clearly. Download this amazing Planet Kosmos Font free at fontsbucket.

Planet Kosmos


Author Planet
License Free for personal and non-profit use
Category Techno
Sub-category ——-




Planet Kosmos Font


Planet Kosmos Font is really appreciably useful in technical work like in different modern material and for import or export business however in other such material it is very good.

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